2017 Commonwealth Civil Society Policy Forum

                                20 May 2017

A very successful and informative civil society policy forum was held in the wings of the Commonwealth Health Ministers' meeting and the World Health Assembly on Saturday 20 May.

The three themes for the civil society policy forum were:

* Funding models to finance universal health coverage,

* The politics of wellbeing, and

* The effects of structural violence against women.

Policy briefs were developed addressing each of the themes with input from civil society across the Commonwealth. The policy briefs and the presentations can be accesed below. Also below is the agenda for the forum, the presentation from civil society to the Commonwealth Health Ministers' meeting, and some photographs of the forum (with thanks to the Commonwealth Foundation).

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Policy brief - funding models fo finance UHC
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Policy brief - The politics of wellbeing
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifPolicy brief - structural violence and its impact on womens health

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2017 Commonwealth Civil Society Policy Forum

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Survey outcomes and process - Jill Illife
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Funding models for UHC - Tony Nelson
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifWellbeing policy and health - Saamah Abdallah
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifWomens voices on structural violence - Lilian Mworeko
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifPolicy Recommendations - Jill Iliffe

Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifCCSPF 2017 Agenda
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifReport from CCSF Policy Dialogue - Tony Nelson

2016 Commonwealth Civil Society For

     Health security and universal health coverage

                        Saturday 21 May 2016

Click here for a copy of the report and presentations and below for videos of presentations.

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Playlist link
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifHighlights
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Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifRavi Rannan-Eliya - Financing universal health coverage
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifLeena Menghaney: Free trade agreements and health
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifPenelope Dash: Mitigating threats to health security - natural disasters
Description: http://commonwealthnurses.org/Images/PDF_Icon.gifChristine Hancock: NCDs - positive action on a global threat
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Penelope Dash - Mitigating threats to health security - man made disasters

2015 Commonwealth Civil Society Forum
Investing in health:
an economic imperative for sustainable development

                                 Saturday 16 May 2015

Click here for a copy of the report and presentations.

2013 Commonwealth Civil Society Forum

                            Mental Health
a legislative framework to empower, protect and care

                                 Saturday 19 May 2015

Click here for a copy of the report and presentations.

CHPA contacts
Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance
Secretariat: Commonwealth Association of Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (CAPGAN)


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Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance
The health professional associations accredited to the Commonwealth have formed the Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance (CHPA).

The CHPA consider that by working together they can more efficiently and effectively represent and support health professionals in Commonwealth countries and promote high standards of care and equity in access to care for Commonwealth peoples.