Commonwealth Health
Professions Alliance

In 2009, the health professional associations accredited to the Commonwealth formed the Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance (CHPA).

The CHPA consider that by working together they can more efficiently and effectively represent and support health professionals in Commonwealth countries and promote high standards of care and equity in access to care for Commonwealth peoples.

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Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance


    2019 Civil Society Policy Forum

The 2019 Commonwealth Civil Society Policy Forum was held Saturday 18 May, supported by the Commonwealth Foundation and the International Disability and Development Consortium. The theme of the Forum was: Universal health coverage:leaving no-one behind.

The Forum and a pre-forum survey generated a range of recommendations which were shared with Commonwealth Health Ministers at their meeting the following day. Below are the presentations from the eminent speakers and the recommendations which went to Commonwealth Health Ministers.

<< 2019 Key Civil Society Actions for Commonwealth Health Ministers
<< Presentation CHPA recommendations to CHMM 2019
<< Presentation UHC and persons with disabilities
<< Presentation UHC women and girls
<< Presentation UHC and young people
<< Presentation UHC and adjusting development assistance for those hardes to reach

2018 Civil Society Policy Forum: May 2018

The CHPA hosted a civil society policy forum in Geneva, Saturday 19 May 2018, on the eve of the 30th Commonwealth Health Ministers' meeting. The forum, titled Universal health coverage: holding countries to account built on the session the CHPA hosted at the Commonwealth People's Forum in April. An online civil society survey was conducted seeking input into the proposed recommendations to be presented to Commonwealth Health Ministers' meeting the following day.

<< CCSPF 2018 Program
<< Final CHPA recommendations to 2018 CHMM
<< Joe Kutzin UHC financing
<< Tony Nelson UHC financing
<< Jim Campbell UHC and the health workforce
<< Jim Buchan UHC and the health workforce
<< Sangeeta Shashikant UHC and access to medicines
<< Salome Meyer UHC and access to medicines