Commonwealth Health
Professions Alliance

In 2009, the health professional associations accredited to the Commonwealth formed the Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance (CHPA).

The CHPA consider that by working together they can more efficiently and effectively represent and support health professionals in Commonwealth countries and promote high standards of care and equity in access to care for Commonwealth peoples.

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Commonwealth Health Professions Alliance

2020 Civil Society Policy Forum

Strengthening health systems with digital technologies in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure universal health coverage

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>> 2020 Commonwealth Civil Society Policy Forum Policy Brief Final
>> CHPA 2020 Civil Society Flyer and Program





The WHO has developed short online courses in a range of languages for health workers to update their knowledge and skill to keep them safe. These courses are self-paced and free. Go to:

There is also a wide range of guidance material which can be downloaded from the WHO website: Guidance material includes the Rights, Roles and Responsibilities of health workers; occupational health and safety; use of masks and PPE; providing home care for people with COVID-19


To stay updated and informed in the midst of an unprecedented inflow of information, some of it inaccurate, the best and most reliable source of information is the World Health Organisation. Every health professional should regularly access the WHO website for the latest information. Go to:


The WHO has also developed an app using WhatsApp that can be downloaded to your mobile phone that answers common questions; challenges inaccurate myths; provides the latest numbers; and shares the latest news including travel advice. To download the app go to: